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Coding Neural Network Back-Propagation using C#

activation functions

/// Hellper function that runs backpropagation algorithm on the output layer of the network. Another important part of each artificial neuron is theactivation function. This function defines whether this neuron will send any signal to its outputs and which value will be propagated to the outputs. Basically, this function receives a value from the input function and according to this value, it generates an output value and propagates them to the outputs. The Weighted Sum, this is all the data that gets fed into the activation function. This is each of the nodes in the previous layer multiplied by the weight in the dendrite by which the data gets carried to the current neuron.

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This is a long part of the cell; in fact, some of these go through the entire length of the spine. Dendrites, on the other hand, are inputs of neurons and each neuron has multiple dendrites. These inputs and outputs, axons, and dendrites of different neurons never touch each other even though they come close.

This will be covered in more detail in the next chapter. So far so good – we have implementations for input and activation functions, and we can proceed to implement the trickier parts of the network – neurons and connections. These functions have only one method –CalculateInput,which receives a list of connections that are described in theISynapse interface. Then, I did the concrete implementation of the input function –weighted sum function. I’ve been trying for some time to learn and actually understand how Backpropagation works and how it trains the neural networks.

Back Propagation Neural Network C# at Noble Kelly blog

This code is a part of my “Supervised Neural Network” book written in 2006. C# Encog.Neural.Networks.Training.Propagation.Back Backpropagation – 21 examples found. These are the top rated real world C# examples of Encog.Neural.Networks.Training.Propagation.Back.Backpropagation extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. Sorry, a shareable link is not currently available for this article.


During the construction of the object, the initial input layer is added to the network. Other layers are added through the functionAddLayer, which adds a passed layer on top of the current layer list. TheGetOutputmethod will activate the output layer of the network, thus initiating a chain reaction through the network. This is because I wanted to split the building blocks of neural networks and learn more about them with the tools I already know.

Top Tutorials

Plain SGD multiplies the updates by a constant learning rate. For this, I’ll need a speed matrix and vector to keep track of update velocities. I clip momenta to some small value to prevent it from going wild.

I have learnt so much from it and would like to see it progress. I agree that the Random() might not be that reliable using it the way it was implemented. Either way the code block explains what should be done and optimizing it for reliability is beside the point.

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The method stores the best weights and bias values found internally in the NeuralNetwork object, and also returns those values, serialized into a single result array. In a production environment you would likely save the model weights and bias values to a text file so they could be retrieved later, if necessary. In Chapter 6, we discussed some aspects of functioning and teaching a single-layer neural network built from nonlinear elements.

Coding Time!

This is usually solved by resetting the weights of the neural network and training again. In many areas of computer science, Wikipedia articles have become de facto standard references. This is somewhat true for the neural network back-propagation algorithm. A major hurdle for many software engineers when trying to understand back-propagation, is the Greek alphabet soup of symbols used.


The Manager creates a population of Prefabs what use the neural network, it then deploys a neural network into each of them. This is then deployed again and the training cycle gets continued. //this loads the biases and weights from within a file into the neural network. Creating a neural network with the ability for backpropagation, and evolution based training. We intend to produce an output value which ensures a minimal error by adjusting only the weights of the neural network.

More from Towards Data Science

To create the 1,000-item synthetic data set, helper method MakeAllData creates a local neural network with random weights and bias values. Then, random input values are generated, the output is computed by the local neural network using the random weights and bias values, and then output is converted to 1-of-N format. Just like the smallest building unit in the real nervous system is theneuron, the same is with artificial neural networks – the smallest building unit is theartificial neuron. In a real nervous system, these neurons are connected to each other by synapsis, which gives this entire system enormous processing power, ability to learn and huge flexibility.

Last but not least, theCalculateOutputmethod is used to activate a chain reaction of output calculation. Well, this will call the input function, which will request values from all input connections. In turn, these connections will request output values from input neurons of these connections, i.e. output values of neurons from the previous layer. This process will be done until the input layer is reached and input values are propagated through the system.

neural network library

Back-propagation is a gradient based algorithm, Before starting with the solved exercises, it is a good idea to study MATLAB Neural Network Toolbox demos. In this chapter we will discuss backpropagation with Unity C# and implement accordingly. Recently i’ve got c# on my cs course and to familiarize myself more with the topic, i wanted to do something both in line with my interests and that would let me learn more. NameDescriptionHasMethodChecks whether an object implements a method with the given name. There is always someone who thinks some code should be implemented in a “better” way. I see no point in wasting time with optimizing code when only proof of concept and readability are the main points to be made.

Nevertheless, this way one can see all the components and elements of one Artificial Neural Network and get more familiar with the concepts. In this article, the less standard way and OO approach was taken and not the usual scripting point of view as we would have by using Python and R. One very goodarticledid that implementation that kind of way and I strongly recommend you to skim through it. The majority of the management of the network will be done from another script.

One of the most basic neural networks is the Hopfield neural network. Is used to optimize the weights so that the neural network can learn how to correctly map arbitrary inputs to outputs. The structure of the artificial neuron is a mirroring structure of the real neuron, too. Since they can have multiple inputs, i.e. input connections, a special function that collects that data is used – theinput function. The function that is usually used as the input function in neurons is the function that sums all weighted inputs that are active on input connections – theweighted input function.

  • After that, two layers are added using the functionAddLayerand layer factory.
  • This method helps calculate the gradient of a loss function with respect to all the weights in the network.
  • The training set is used to create the neural network model, and the test set is used to estimate the accuracy of the model.
  • They present more significant and interesting possibilities, as we saw from working with the Example 06 program.
  • Through these synapses signals are carried by neurotransmitter molecules.

There is test method that is calling all this – Train_RuningTraining_NetworkIsTrained, but it is not solving any problem. // Calculate error by summing errors on all output neurons. /// This function adds this kind of connection to the neuron. /// Neuron that will be output neuron of the newly created connection. //used as a simple mutation function for any genetic implementations.

6 Simple Artificial Neural Network

Again, I would like to emphasize that this is not really the way you would generally c# backpropagation the network. More math and forms of matrix multiplication should be used to optimize this entire process. We also will need to ability to clone the learnable values onto another neural network.

The forward pass computes outputs, and backward propagates the errors and updates the weights of the layers. This class has some interesting methods, too.AddInputNeuronandAddOutputNeuronare used to create a connection among neurons. These are special connections that are used just for the input layer of the neuron, i.e. they are used only for adding input to the entirety of the system.

  • This is a long part of the cell; in fact, some of these go through the entire length of the spine.
  • So all we need to add to the network, for now, is a method of sorting the networks, a way to clone a network onto another network and finally a way of mutating the network.
  • It is the method of fine-tuning the weights of a neural network based on the error rate obtained in the previous epoch (i.e., iteration).
  • Again, I would like to emphasize that this is not really the way you would generally implement the network.
  • This is known as the partial derivative, with the symbol ∂.
  • The majority of the management of the network will be done from another script.

All this code implemented, we should have a working network capable of learning. For now, I will be using Tanh as my chosen activation function as it allows, for both positive and negative values. Although the other ones would be applicable for different applications. An input array to declare the size of the network, this will be labeled Layers.

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From the basics of machine learning to more complex topics like neural networks, object detection and NLP, this course will guide you into becoming ML.NET superhero. This is simply a technique in implementing neural networks that allow us to calculate the gradient of parameters in order to perform gradient descent and minimize our cost function. Numerous scholars have described back propagation as arguably the most mathematically intensive part of a neural network. A feedforward BPN network is an artificial neural network. Calculate the output for every neuron from the input layer, to the hidden layers, to the output layer.

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