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What is a solutions architect? Know the roles and responsibilities

At the same time, solution architecture is responsible for the technological support of such execution. Yet, some software development projects also require a solution architect. If you try to google what tasks this person performs, you’ll probably find many different answers. However, it’s still not that easy solution architecture responsibilities to understand exactly how your project can benefit from developing and implementing the solution architecture. It is the work process that solutions architects perform to bring business excellence and efficiency. Now, let’s get an in-depth insight into the solutions architect roles and responsibilities.

roles and responsibilities of solution architect

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Solutions architect skills

Nevertheless, there are people who do not perform even a basic analysis. This results in failure, and the solution often does not fulfill the requirements even by 50%. That is why knowing how all the processes of a business model work is crucial. Most Solutions Architects have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in information technology, computer science, software engineering, or another related area. In simple words, they are experts who evaluate the problems of their customers, and then they go ahead and create an actionable plan for resolving the issues found by using technology.

For solution architects, the business side of the product matters as much as the technical side. Let’s talk a bit more about solution architect responsibilities and roles before and during the development process. A solution architect is a person who finds the best tech solution to clients’ business problems. They bridge business requirements and tech means developers need to use to meet these requirements. Architects speak both ‘technical’ language with developers and ‘business’ language with clients. The implementation stage covers the entire process of software development, including writing specifications and quality assurance.

What Is A Solutions Architect?

To better understand the role of Solutions Architect in the software development process, we first need to clarify what ‘solution architecture’ means. Cloud service providers speed up software development, offering numerous ready-to-use solutions. Not to reinvent the wheel, a software architect must be expert in cloud technologies, knowing what tools to use in each case. This ability can be proved by 3+ years’ experience in working with a particular provider or/ and certification from AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. An enterprise architect supervises technical infrastructures and processes across all units, projects, and departments from the business perspective. This tech leader makes sure that a company’s systems architecture supports its strategy and helps in achieving business goals.

roles and responsibilities of solution architect

One crucial thing that we also want to mention related to the IT solution architect is their certifications which are needed to validate their skills and qualifications. The certifications are aimed at assessing the overall knowledge, abilities, and experience of an IT solutions architect and at proving their proficiency. A solutions architect starts very early in the project, laying out what is to come. Their tasks usually begin with choosing the right technology for the business problem and managing architectural concerns to ensure more productive and effective outcomes.

Enterprise Architect vs. Solution Architect

In the latter case, an engineering team is able to handle the task without an architect, so this expert won’t participate in the further development process. The winner leaves behind full-stack developers, data scientists, security specialists, and other sought-after experts from the IT domain. Let’s see why software architects rank so high and what value they bring to companies. Serving as a key technical member of the business development team to ensure customer success while building applications and services on the AWS platform. Solutions architects early in their career report earning an average salary of $94,000 per year.

  • It’s also worth mentioning that the role of a solution architect is not limited just to ideation.
  • According to the statistics in the US, the average salary of a solution architect is $99,769 per year.
  • For instance, the SA may test to see if USB or serial port access is available from Java if there’s a need to read a device without downloading software.
  • Usually, there is a group of people who invest their funds and resources.
  • Serving as a key technical member of the business development team to ensure customer success while building applications and services on the AWS platform.

Solutions Architects identify, develop, and improve technical solutions to support business goals. They ensure Information Technology and business operations are aligned when developing and implementing technical solutions. This requires continuous adjustments, feedback, and problem-solving to ensure proper design and implementation of solutions. The most common software and process is the Rational Rose Unified Process. Other tools and processes exist the ones that the SA will have to master are based on what the organization has chosen.

How Our Solution Architects Can Help You

If you need to release a streaming service app, you should hold the content licenses and copyrights.

Once the development leader has internalized their portion of the architecture the SA must continuously motivate and reinforce the good work that is being done. They must continue to motivate the Developer Lead to push through tough issues and create the solution. From an employee’s point of view, certification is mainly needed for a specific company.

Choose Suitable Tech Stacks

Let’s take a look at what specific processes the solution architect works with. Solution Architects are liable for building and integrating computer systems and knowledge for meeting specific needs. This involves the integration of hardware and software for meeting the customer-defined purpose. Examination of current systems and architecture is additionally one of their responsibilities.

roles and responsibilities of solution architect

An ITsolutions architectis responsible for creating and implementing an IT architecture that satisfies the intended business requirements. They begin by gathering business needs, learning the requirements’ details, and working with stakeholders to provide the desired outcome. You make a good point that to find a solution architecture function to see what’s best for the building you’ll need technology assessment and comparison. This is why it’s good to hire an architect since they can either do that before constriction or even check a building before adding on to it.

The Roles & Responsibilities of a Solution Architect

Solutions architects are a vital role in any organization that wants to align its business goals and needs with IT services, products, software, and infrastructure. It would be strange indeed if the sphere that generated the very profession wouldn’t make extensive use of solution architect deliverables. Here, these specialists make sure the product and the development personnel are on the same page as to the effective implementation and subsequent functioning of a new software solution. The essence of the Solution Architect role is the conversion of the requirements into an architecture and design that will become the blueprint for the solution being created. This conversion is based largely upon the previous design patterns that the SA has been involved with in the past through reading and staying abreast of the latest techniques, or through personal experience. For many developers perhaps the most sought after role is the role of the Solution Architect.

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